30 November, 2012

Survey at the Kitakogane Shell Mounds

On November 28th (Wed) and 29th (Thu), I went to the Kitakogane Shell Mounds in Date-shi, Hokkaido, for my archaeological survey.

Our first schedules started from 27th (Tue) actually, but we had very heavy storm on that day. So I conducted my survey for just 2 days 

Kitakogane Shell Mounds

From this site, so many grinding stones and stone querns were excavated, and almost all of them were found from the water places in clusters.

Some stone tools are used at the private garden.

In this survey, I took residue samples from 10 stone tools. Can I extract archaeological starch granules? Can I interpret purposes of those stone tools by my starch residue analysis? I'm starting my new work now.

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