13 April, 2018

New publications

Just published.

  • Shibutani, A. 2018. Starch residue analysis at the Kamuitapukopushita site. Original Archaeology 6: 6-7.
  • Shibutani, A. 2018. Starch residue analysis of stone tools found from the Kwanzeri site. Kwanzeri site I: Excavation report of cultural properties in Tekutsuku area (N. Matsubara, T. Nozaki,K. Yasutake eds.), 151-156. Kikai-cho Edunational Board, Kikai-cho.

01 April, 2018

28 March, 2018

Online dictionary

I've just read a new volume of "Quarterly of Archaeological Studies", and searched some words on it. Some of terms are not available, but this will be developed further more.

Steinhaus, W. and Apel, U. A new online disctionary of archaeological terms in Japanese, German and English. Quarterly of Archaeological Studies 64 (4): 36-40.

Online dictionary WaKoKu