10 December, 2018

Milk symposium

On December 8 (Sat), I joined in an international symposium held at National Museum of Ethnology. This symposium was a collaboration one from studies in ethnology and biomolecular archaeology, and researchers from Germany and UK presented their current new research results.

The number of attendees were 72 people, and many questions and discussions were conducted actively. 

One of my interests are in human health impacts and nutritious changes after started the milk use, and these speakers suggested me lots of results in biomolecular archaeology.

Thank you a lot to all of organisers, my junior students of the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, and speakers.

06 December, 2018

A new survey of archaeological human dental calculus and a study meeting

From November 30 (Fri) to December 2 (Sun), I conducted a new survey in Hokkaido and attended a study meeting. This was organised by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) (No. 18H00749

On November 30 (Fri), I surveyed Epi-Jomon human bone remains stored in Sapporo Medical University. As the result, I took dental calculus samples for my starch residue analysis. Also, thanking to a researcher of the lab, I used X-ray CT scanner for examining my sampled teeth of human bone remains.

On December 1 (Sat), I joined in a study meeting at the Date City Institute of Funkawan Culture, and heard of presentations such as the reconstruction of paleoclimate in Epi-Jomon and Yayoi Japanese archipelago and the current research trends of ancient DNA analysis of human bone remains.

Especially, a presentation about the following paper, which is published in very recent days, was very interesting for me.

Kajita, H., H. Kawahata, K. Wang, H. Zheng, S. Yang, N. Ohkouchi, M. Utsunomiya, B. Zhou, B. Zheng. 2018. Extraordinary cold episodes during the mid-Holocene in the Yangtze delta: Interruption of the earliest rice cultivating civilization. Quartenary Science Reviews 21: 418-428.

In addition, when I was going back home on December 2 (Sun), from a train window, I was able to see Mt. Komagatake.

I will present my results of this survey at the next study meeting in FY2019. Thank you for your suggestions and supports to all of my research colleagues.