22 September, 2016

The 27th annual conference of the European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists (2016 EAJRS)

From September 14th to 17th, we attended the 27th annual conference of the EAJRS held in the Central University Library, University of Bucharest, Romania, and conducted the resource providers workshop.

The theme was "International Cooperation Between Japanese Studies Libraries". The National Museum of Japanese History (NMJH) joined in this EAJRS for the first time, but we aimed to introduce "Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources" and to discuss about research cooperation.
Central University Library
Opening ceremony

Uniforms of student staffs
Daily sweets in tea breaks

Our workshop was conducted in the morning of 16th (Fri), but we were able to show our booth for explaining our project.

Our booth near the entrance
Our workshop

In our workshop, we explained the outline of Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources and further plans, and introduced NMJH's databases. Many participants visited our booth, and some of them invited us new research cooperation and publishing. So I think we got many good results for expanding our research perspectives.

During stays in Bucharest, we went to museums and the great sights, and enjoyed Romanian traditional dishes in lunch times and conference dinner.

Conference dinner at Caru' cu bere (15th)
Due to much volumes, I couldn't had them all, but enjoyed all of dishes.

Lunch on 18th

EAJRS will be held in the University of Oslo next year, and we are planing to conduct some research presentations of Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources.

04 September, 2016

WAC-8: Attending and presentation

From August 28 (Sun) to September 2 (Fri), I joined in the Eighth World Archaeological Congress (WAC-8) and conducted my presentation.

Opening ceremony
Opening session


As a staff of this congress, I was very sorry that I could not attend any other sessions during WAC-8. But I enjoyed many poster presentations, Japanese Archaeology Fair, and my own session (T10-P, September 1-2).

Puzzle of Minatogawa-jin
Pottery-shaped cookie

Arashiyama in the Free tour
Free tour on August 31


On September 1 (Thu)  and 2 (Fri), we conducted a session T10-P "Multi-proxy evidence for reconstructing ancient diets and foodways". In this session, 16 researchers presented their research results.

Our session
Dr. Oliver Craig and Dr. Shin'ya Shoda

Our long session took 6 hours and 3 time slots. But these presentations showed that collaboration with the current scientific analyses can contribute to many interesting research results. We had discussion times at the end of each time slot, and many questions were provided to presenters, and so these discussions were very active.


I reported the collaboration between our Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources (URL: just only Japanese)and my own studies, and our perspectives. 

Ayako Shibutani. 2016. Starchy food in prehistoric Japan : For renovation of “Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources”.

Many participants asked me about museum studies in Japan and the possibility of research cooperation, and so they were interested in our Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources. Regarding archaeological starch studies, some researchers suggested me to collaborate with their research projects.

I spent enormous effort planning and organising our session and had to do some of this congress tasks as well. I was exhausted both mentally and physically after our session, but I spent very useful 1 week totally.

All of relevant people are acknowledged. Thank you very much.

27 August, 2016

Meeting in Kanazawa

I attended at a meeting of "Renovation of Integrated Studies of Rice-based Civilizations" in Kanazawa city yesterday.

We discussed about current research results and our survey in this coming September. I cannot join in this survey due to my museum work, but other project members will take some dental calculus samples.

At WAC-8, a forum related our research project will be opened. Please join in it.