13 November, 2018

33rd Annual Meeting of Japanese Association of Historical Botany

On November 10 (Sat) and 11th (Sun), I went to join in the 33rd Annual Meeting of Japanese Association of Historical Botany (URL: just only in Japanese) at the Lake Biwa Museum, Japan to present my research results.

In this meeting, I presented a poster focusing on starch grains of Japanese historical papers.
  • Ayako Shibutani. 2018. Exploring the Origins of Japanese Historical Materials from the Scope of Starch Grains in Paper Composition. 
Many attendees seemed to have interests in applications of the methods of historical botany to studies in palaeography and history. I got many suggestions and opinions. Thank you a lot.

29 October, 2018

300th meeting of the Oumi Kaidzuka Kenkyukai

On October 27 (Sat), I went to join in the 300th meeting of the Oumi Kaidzuka Kenkyukai.

Speakers were Rintaro Yamada (Kyoto University) and Tetsuya Matsuzaki (Kyoto University), and their main themes were studies in zooarchaeology. All of attendees discussed about their PhD studies actively.

This meeting was the memorial 300th one, and for celebrating the coorinators Drs. Shinji Seguchi and Tetsuro Tsujikawa, I have prepared this celebration together with our research fellows since this April. On that day, I already asked the above two speakers to provide a little bit time, and all attendees thanked to Drs. Seguchi and Tsujikawa with some gifts. I think they enjoyed our celebration.

In the drinking party, we enjoyed a very tasty champagne which we bought for our toast.

According to Dr. Seguchi, this 300th meeting was just a passing point. I wish this society will provide all of attendees to develop their research perspectives.

Survey at the Matsuo-taisha Shrine

On October 24th and 25th, I surveyed historical materials at the Matsuo-taisha Shrine in Kyoto. This survey is one of my paper research projects.
  • Challenging Research (Exploratory) 'Exploring Perspectives of "Science of Japanese Historical Documents" from the Scope of Mixture Analysis of Papers in the Early-modern Period' (No. 18K18534)
  • FY2018 General Joint Research Project of the Historiographical Institute of the University of Tokyo ‘Exploring the Origins of Japanese Historical Documents from the Scope of Mixture Analysis of Papers in the Early-modern Period’

In this survey, I observed the surfaces of historical papers and took microscopic photos by my new digital microscope. I found some starch grains into papers during my survey, but I'm deeply analysing these photos now.

This survey was my first survey of historical materials in my researcher life. Thank you for your helpful cooperation and suggestions to all of staffs of the Matsuo-taisha Shrine and my research members.