16 September, 2020

YouTube lecture

Just today September 16 (Wed) 11:00 in JST, I listened to the YouTuber lecture conducted by Dr. Junko Habu (UC Berkley). Other videos of lectures are shown on her website.

Today's talk→Reexamining the Importance of Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Dr. Habu's website→Junko Habu's Website (UC Berkley)

During this difficult COVID-19 situation, it is good for me to listen to many presentations of researchers outside of Japan without geographical difficulties.

After the lecture, there were many questions. One of them by a student having interests in Japanese archaeology was "How can English speakers collaborate works with Japanese archaeologists? (this is my understanding)". In my opinion, if you show mutual understanding and collaborations without any hesitates, we can do them easily. Foreign languages are not any barriers. They are just one of tools. 

Dr. Habu said "English as an international language is just one tool, but our mother languages deeply connect with landscape, TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge), and our identities". We will discuss more about this issue in the future, together with our research friends in the world.

Thank you very much for your exciting talk.

13 August, 2020

RStudio for archaeologists: Geometric morphometrics workshop



On August 8 (Sat), I participated in the third volume of geometric morphometrics online workshop for archaeologists. As well as the first and second volumes, Dr. Christian Hoggard as the lecture taught us the practice of RStudio.

The materials are here.

This time was very interesting as well, and in the latter half, we learned 3D landmark anallyses of human bones. Of course, I'm not sure whether I can apply this method to my own projects. But I'll try to do the methodologies. Thank you very much to all.


20 July, 2020

RStudio for archaeologists: Carbon 14 dating analysis

On July 19 (Sun), another volume of the "R/RStudio for archaeologists" online workshop was held. In this workshop, we applied R to analyse carbon 14 dating with actual data in Japanese archaeology.

Materials are here.

As to me, my RStudio occurred some errors and stopped in the middle of this workshop. So I need to practice this workshop contents for my understanding. Thank you to lecturers, organiser, facilitation staffs, and all participants.