05 January, 2021

New perspectives for Paleography

This volume shows our international symposium held in last November. I'm very thanking to all people and institutes.

Shibutani, A. 2020. Introduction to mini special issue, "New perspectives for paleography". Komonjo kenkyu (The Japanese Journal of Diplomatics 90: 1-3.

12 December, 2020

Jinmoncom 2020

Just today, I presented our current project at the Jinmoncom Symposium 2020 (URL: Japanese). 

yako Shibutani, Taizo Yamada, Yoichiro Watanabe, Kanako Hirasawa, Ikki Ohmukai, Hiraku Kaneko, Koki Yanbe, Toru Hoya. 2020. Developing system environment for long-term utilisation, data sharing, and linking of Japanese historical materials. Jinmoncom Symposium 2020 (online). 

Through Zoom Webinar, this was my first presentation at the Jinmoncom. I talked about our activities in FY2019 and 2020 as well as some challenges and issues.

I'm thanking to all members and related institutes. Thank you in advance.

08 December, 2020

New publication!

Our new publication will appear soon.

Bin Liu & Shin'ichi Nakamura, eds. Hemudu and Liangzhu Culture: Reconstructing the historical processes through which a rice-based civilization arose in the Yangtze Valley in the late Neolithic. 380pp. Yunzankaku.

The contents are here (in Japanese)

In this book, my paper is about my analysis results of starch grains extracted human dental calculus. The final results of my late friend are also contained. Please read it.