15 August, 2017


From August 8th (Tue) to 11th (Fri), we joined in Digital Humanities 2017 (DH2017) conducted at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada.

It is the top conference in Digital Humanities, and conducts annual meetings every year. In DH2017, we presented a poster for introducing our system of Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources.

According to the local conference committee, there were approximately 890 attendees from the world. During the conference period, at 8:00-17:00 every day, more than 20 sessions were conducted at the same time. It was so big.

However, unfortunately, this conference did not offer either venue maps and other necessary information, paper programmes, or any venue information of the poster session. And we were not able to ask conference staffs in these matters. As the result, many participants including me were so much confusing, and some caused difficult situations.

Until last year's DH, congress bags, programme, and access maps of venues were provided. So I was very unsatisfied with managements and organising methods of this local conference committee.

The poster session were conducted in the late afternoon on August 9th (Wed) at McLennan Library.  

Makoto Goto and Ayako Shibutani. 2017.Linked Data and IIIF for Promoting Open Science of Historical Research Resources in Japan.

Many researchers were interested in our poster, and we got many questions about our system release date and methods. Some of them provided us useful information for future perspectives in our research activities.

During sessions, we visited to museums, botanical garden, and other facilities. 






DH2017, it was my first international conference in Digital Humanities, but I truly enjoyed this. This experience is helpful for my future research activities.

30 July, 2017

Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources: Study about Japanese historical papers

On July 29 (Sat), I presented my recent results at the 285 meeting of Oumi Kaizuka Kenkyukai (Ours).

Ayako Shibutani. 2017. Survey of Japanese historical papers by analysing mixture contents: An attempt for collaborating morphological information of resources.

This research of historical papers has been started since last February, and I reported my initial results and further perspectives.

Each speaker can use 1 hour presentation and 1 hour discussion, and I had a very useful time, and got many suggestions about my research plan and its potential impacts. They are very helpful for my cooperative research. 

Extra photos. I used this Star Wars jet for my flight to Tokyo.

12 June, 2017

34th Meeting of Japan Society for Scientific Studies on Cultural Properties

On June 10-11, I attended the 34th Meeting of Japan Society for Scientific Studies on Cultural Properties (URL: just only in Japanese) at Tohoku University of Art and Design.

I reported my current survey of Japanese historical papers, which we are conducting one approach to our Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources.

Ayako Shibutani. 2017. Exploring papers of Japanese historical archives with digital microscope: A multi-disciplinary approach for “Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources”. Proceeding of the 34th Meeting of Japan Society for Scientific Studies on Cultural Properties. pp. 136-137, Japan Society for Scientific Studies on Cultural Properties. (in Japanese)

Many attendees gave me various questions and opinions, and also I got a poster prize as this conference award.

This prize awarded to our project and my initial research of Japanese historical papers. I appealed our project of the National Museum of Japanese History to conferences of scientific studies on cultural properties. I acknowledge all of researchers who help me at the various stages. Thank you in advance.