11 October, 2019

International Symposium "International Study of Historical Paper Materials: New Perspectives for Studies of Historical Materials"

Our cooperative research project will conduct this following international symposium. Thank you in advance.

International Symposium "International Study of Historical Paper Materials: New Perspectives for Studies of Historical Materials"

Date and hours: 10:30-16:30, November 23 (Sat) in 2019
Venue: Sanjo-kaikan, Hongo Campus, the University of Tokyo (up to 120 attendees, advance reservations not required)

29 September, 2019

Attendance and presentation in EAJRS

From September 18th to 21st (Moving 17th, 22-23rd), I participated in the 30th EAJRS Conference held at Sofia University in Bulgaria, and conducted our presentation.

Until the last year's conference, I went to promote international research dissemination  as a member of my previous workplace, but this time, I presented our research results of my collaborative research with the Historiographical Institute, the University of Tokyo (Japanese only)Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A), and Challenging Research (Exploratory).

Akihiko Takashima and Ayako Shibutani. Surveys of Historical Paper Materials for Conserving Original Resources and Their Conservation Methods. The 30th EAJRS Conference. September 20, 2019. Department of Japanese Studies at Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Our presentation slides are now available on the EAJRS Conservation/Preservation Working Group of the EAJRS official website. Here is ours.

I did not conduct our presentation (because of a co-author), but explained our research projects in the question-and-answer session. Many attendees were interested in ours, and we will exchange research information in advance.

I'm deeply grateful to all of research project members and EAJRS members. Thank you for your helps in advance.

Usu-moshiri site

On September 14, I participated in the archaeological excavation of the Usu-moshiri site in Usu-cho, Date city, Hokkaido.

This survey is conducted by our cooperative research project of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B). This year, we aimed to re-excavate the survey areas by Sapporo Medical University in 1980's and to survey the site distribution for confirming the whole range of the site.

Due to my stack schedule, I was able to participate in the first survey day on 14th, but Dr. Toyohiro Nishimoto (Date City Institute of Funkawan Culture) told me about the 1980's survey by Sapporo Medical University. Also, we found 1980's blue sheet from the site section, and after that some archaeological artefacts and remains were unearthed. We will continue this site survey next year as well.

Hokkaido Shimbun (Japanese only)
Muroran Minpo (Japanese only)