15 May, 2020

My archaeological starch

Due to the current difficult situation, I have many requirements to share my papers.

My papers about archaeological starch studies are basically available for free on the net. Almost all of them were created as repositories by my former workplaces, Hiroshima University and the National Museum of Japanese History.

If you have any interests, please check the following.

I'm very thanking to refer my papers.

10 May, 2020

GMM online workshop vol.2

Since April 25 (Sat)the online workshop of "Geometric Morphometric (GMM) and Archaeology" has started, and on May 2 (Sat) the same lecture was held for other participants in the waiting list. And from yesterday, the 2nd volume of the hands-on workshop has conducted. 

Materials and resume are here

It is very complicated to check all of participants because they are too many, and the 2nd volume is divided into 3 classes of RStudio: beginner, middle, and professional users. Yesterday the beginner class was held.

It took more than 3 hours and half to explain how to use this tool, and we were able to catch the details. As the next step, we need more exercises to apply to our own research areas. 

Thank you to all.


08 May, 2020

Beer-making in the archaeological record

The direct evidences of alcoholic beverages are still difficult to detect in the archaeological record. The following paper shows a new challenge in this field.

Heiss, Andreas G., Marian Berihuete Azorı´n, Ferran Antolı´n, Lucy Kubiak-Martens, Elena Marinova, Elke K. Arendt, Costas G. Biliaderis, et al. 2020. Mashes to Mashes, Crust to Crust. Presenting a novel microstructural marker for malting in the archaeological record. PLoS One 15 (5):e0231696. doi: https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0231696.