03 October, 2006

just published: first reports on ancient starch in Japan

Bulletin of the Niigata Prefectural Museum of History Vol. 7*

History and aims of starch analysis
Matthews, P.J. and Nishida, Y.

Modern plant reference materials from Japan
Shibutani, A.

Starch analysis of Paleolithic stone tools
Shibutani, A., Matthews, P.J. and C. Suzuki

Experiments on carbon residues
Nishida, Y.

Isotope analysis of charred residues
Yoshida, K.

6th record of experimental stone oven cooking
Suzuki, C., Takeuchi, N. and stone oven cooking group

Temporal changes of stone mortars and plant food processing
Miyao, T. and Miyauchi, N.

Appendix: starch reference samples
Shibutani, A. and Nishida, Y.

* All articles are written in Japanese with English summary.

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