02 February, 2007

short note: human and apes

We can see the following online feature article. This is very interesting for me to study past plant food processing.

Cultured Cousins?

The other similar papers are as the following.
  • Huffman, M.A. 1984. Stone-play of Macaca fuscata in Arashiyama B troop: transmission of a non-adaptive behavior. Journal of Human Evolution 13: 725-735.
  • Huffman, M., and D. Quiatt. 1986. Stone handling by Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata): implications for tool use of stone. Primates 27 (4): 413-423.
  • Wakibara, J.V., M.A. Huffman, M. Wink, S. Reich, S. Aufreiter, R.G.V. Hancock, R. Sodhi, W.C. Mahaney, and S. Russel. 2001. The adaptiva significance of geophagy for Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata) at Arashiyama, Japan. International Journal of Primatology 22 (3): 495-520.

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