05 June, 2007

24th J.S.S.S.C.P. Congress

24th Japan Society for Scientific Studies on Cultural Properties Congress(JAPANESE) was held on June 2-3.

This year, a session "past environment" regarding Japanese Archaeobotany was conducted on the second day, and any presentations were very interesting for me.

As to my recent research, I presented the results of starch analysis in the Tsukuda site (Awaji City, Hyogo) and Saraokayama site (Shijonawate City, Osaka).

Starch morphology from 10 stone slabs from Late-Final Jomon layers (3000-2000BC) in the Tsukuda site (400x)
1: round, 2: squarish, 3: oval, 4: triangule, 5: polygon

Starch morphology taken from 3 stone slabs of the Saraokayama site in Late-Final Jomon period (400x)
1: round, 2: slendar oval, 3: squarish

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