05 June, 2008

3 starch papers

I've just read 3 papers on starch researches.

Starch residues from dental calculus

  • Henry, A. G., and D. R. Piperno. 2008. Using plant microfossils from dental calculus to recover human diet: a case study from Tell al-Raqā'i, Syria. Journal of Archaeological Science 35: 1943-1950.
Acorn starches
  • Sugimoto, Y., Inouchi, N., Miyazaki, M., Morikawa, H., and H. Fuwa 2004. Structure and thermal properties of several acorn starches. Journal of Applied Glycoscience 51 (1): 45-49.
Starch granules of 9 plant species
  • Sugimoto, Y. 2007. Studies on physicochemical properties of various starch granules. Journal of Applied Glycoscience 54 (1): 47-54.

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