06 July, 2008


I attended at the WAC-6 (Sixth World Archaeological Congress) in University College Dublin, Ireland, from June 29th to July 4th.

Researchers from more than 70 countries presented their recent research results followed by themes, and this conference was highly successful as an opportunity to exchange opinions.

The WAC Committee said 33 Japanese researchers (including me) attended at this meeting. Compared with the number of attenders from Ireland, UK, and USA, this number is their tenth, but lots of researchers from around the world are interested in Japanese recent approaches.

Some sessions were associated with Archaeobotany. Into the session of "Rainforest as Artefact" held on the final day July 4th, specific discussion times were conducted by each chairperson after presentations. These discussion topics included plant domestication and agriculture, and a wide variety of opinions were presented by attenders.

Also, over 200 posters were presented
into the poster sessions, and I caught the recent archaeological research trends from the world.

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