05 August, 2008

Jomon dress-making

Suita City Museum will conduct a special open lecture related with dresses in the Jomon period. If you have any intersts, please see the following things.

Fuku wo Kita Jomon-jin (Dress-making in the Jomon period)

Date: August 17 (Sun) 14:00~
Suita City Museum, lecture room
Fee: Free (leaflet: 500 yen)

Lecturers: Dr. Shuzo Koyama (Director of Suita City Museum), Sahoko Aki (Illustrator)
Conductors: Sannai-Maruyama Jomon Hasshin no Kai,
Suita City Museum

Corresponding Address: Suita City Museum
4-10-1, Kishibe-kita, Suita-shi, Osaka #564-0001
TEL: 06-6338-5500 FAX: 06-6338-9886

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