14 October, 2008

Science Partnership Project "Shadowy Sannai-Maruyama Site Interpreted by Science: Relationship between Human and Nature based upon Natural Environments" (conducted by Aomori Prefecture Gender-equal Centre) was held at the Sannai-Maruyama site on October 11 to 12.

This course mainly focused on starch analysis, and similar lectures to those in August were conducted.

In the practice of starch analysis, applicants demonstrated analysing starch residues from stone slabs and charred remains on pots found from the Sannai-maruyama site. Plant species for reference samples included chestnut, walnut, Japanese millet, buckwheat, kudzu vine, and yam as well as the course in August.

High school students were interested in all of these works. Some of them tried to analyse starch residues on all of stone slabs and pots, and they enjoyed this course.

  Short lecture on starch analysis


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