23 November, 2008

starting the 4th year

This blog has been for three years. Although my updating is very slow, you continued support will be appreciated.

The 23rd Congress of Japanese Association of Historical Botany
was held in Fukushima Prefecture on November 15th and 16th, and the 181st Meeting of the Oumi-kaidzuka-kenkyukai was conducted on November 22nd. The websites of these societies are written only in Japanese.

In the congress of Japanese Association of Historical Botany, the public symposium "Kankyo-hendo to Ningen-katsudo ni yoru Syokusei no Keisei wo Yomitoku [The correlations between environmental changes and human activities for interpreting vegetation history in Japan]" was conducted on 15th, and various presentations (oral and poster) on vegetation history were on 16th.

The next congress will be held at the Kumamoto University in 2009.

Oumi-kaidzuka-kenkyukai has been for 15 years, and two presentations about hand-stones in the Jomon period and a GIS research were conducted at this meeting.

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