26 December, 2008

recent 3 papers

The following papers are available into "Journal of Archaeological Science".

  1. Hardy, K., Blakeney, T., Copeland, L., Kirkham, J., Wrangham, R. and M. Collins. 2009. Starch granules, dental calculus and new perspectives on ancient diet. Journal of Archaeological Science 36: 248-255.
  2. Henry, A. G., Hudson, H. F. and D. R. Piperno. 2009 (in press). Changes in starch grain morphologices from cooking. Journal of Archaeological Science.
  3. Sievers, C. and L. Wadley. 2009 (in press). Going underground: experimental carbonization of fruiting structures under hearths. Journal of Archaeological Science.
The1st paper presents starch residues on ancient dental calculus, and the 2nd shows some cooking expeiments of plant starches, and the 3rd presents an experimental report on cabonization of fruiting structures.

Especially, the 2nd paper introduces a database "Cooked Starch Image Database". Anyone can access to this database to see many photos of damaged starch granules.

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