21 July, 2009

starch taphonomy

The following two papers about starch taphonomy are related with my PhD thesis.

  • Barton, H. 2009. Starch granule taphonomy: the results of a two year field experiment. terra australis 30: Archaeological Science Under a Microscope: Studies in Residue and Ancient DNA Analysis in Honour of Tom Loy (M. Haslam, G. Robertson, A. Crowther, S. Nugent,L. Kirkwood Eds.), 119-130. University of Queensland Press, Brisbane.
  • Haslam, M. 2009. Initial tests on the three-dimensional movement of starch in sediments. terra australis 28: New Directions in Archaeological Science (A. Fairbairn, S. O'Connor,B. Marwick Eds.), 93-103. ANU E Press, Canberra.

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