27 November, 2009

3 papers

I found the following papers from Science Direct. (1) is similar to experimental studies of rekigun (stone clusters) conducted in Japan. (2) is not published, but shows how to classify morphologies of ancient starch grains. (3) presents changes in starch grains by cooking experiments.

  1. Thoms, A.V. 2009. The fire stones carry: Ethnographic records and archaeological expectations for hot-rock cookery in western North America. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 27: 443–460.
  2. Wilson, J., K. Hardy, R. Allen, L. Copeland, R. Wrangham, M. Collins. in press. Automated classification of starch granules using supervised pattern recognition of morphological properties. Journal of Archaeological Science.
  3. Messner, T.C., B. Schindler. 2010. Plant processing strategies and their affect upon starch grain survival when rendering Peltandra virginica (L.) Kunth, Araceae edible. Journal of Archaeological Science 37: 328–336.

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