12 November, 2009

Kuma, Dai, Chu, Dai

The title shows those initials of the places where I went (like names of universities written in Chinese characters).

I went to Kumamoto (JAPANESE) to present my research results from November 6th, came back to Osaka to prepare my sampling tools on later 8th, and conducted my surveys in Chuo University from 9th to 11th. Before coming back to Osaka, I went to Chiba to see the special exhibition.

At the 24th conference of Japanese Association of Historical Botany, the
public symposium was conducted from the afternoon on 7th. After presenting new research results about plant cultivation and domestication in Japanese Archipelago, a lively discussion from various standpoints was conducted.

Regarding all of presentations, I can get recent research results on various topics during the two-day conference.

In Chuo University, I took residue samples from 29 handstones at the Ideuenohara site (JAPANESE) in Fukushima Prefecture as well as taking samples from a handstone and a stone slab at the other archaeological site for my ancient starch analysis. Those samples were a little bit
bigger than my analysing capacity...

I'm looking forward to seeing these samples.

The special exhibition conducted by National Museum of Japanese History shows recent research results about the beginning of the Jomon culture.
In one corner, you can see familiar diagrams and photos at some conferences. This exhibition will be opened until January 24th in 2010.

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