08 December, 2009

Travel in Vietnam

Today I came back to Japan from Vietnam.

I visited to Hanoi
at a late hour on Friday, December 4th. A taxi driver found my reserved hotel by his guess, and I arrived my hotel room at around 0:00 am. My work was starting from 5th.

On Saturday, December 5th, I attended at two sessions: taro cultivation (3D) and obsidian sources (3E) . From the afternoon, I presented my research results at the session on Insular environments and technologies (C8 Insular Technologies).


After my presentation, I got various suggestions by attendants. I was the first presenter, and then enjoyed this session at ease. Researchers with the various research backgrounds have an animated discussion after each presentation.

After all of presentations finished, farewell party was opened. I met Dr. Peter Bellwood and this was my main purpose of attending IPPA.

After that, I went to have a dinner with Japanese and German researchers. That was my second day in Vietnam.

On Sunday, December 6th, my flight was
at a late hour, and so I went to walk around Hanoi with my teacher and other two people. Near the market of Cho Don Xuan, I bought modern reference plant samples.

chestnuts (upper left) and 2 kinds of hazelnuts (lower)

 lunch on 6th

→ soup with taro and crab at the upper right 

...Actually, we got another kind of soup with taro
at the night as well.

my teacher's desire "soup with taro stems"

  restaurant something like this

We took other various traditional Vietnamese dishes. After our dinner, I went back to hotel for collecting my luggage, went to the airport, and back to Japan.

I always had some foods
when I was in Vietnam, but my first visiting to Vietnam finished something like this.

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