03 June, 2010

Climbing is my 2nd-day-woking

From June 1, I started to work in Hiroshima. My working place is dominated rich natural environment.

Today 6 members climbed up the Futakamiyama Mt. We aimed to preview the mount related with the Autumn exhibition in this year.

This area has lots of pond irrigation.

(photo by Dr. S)
The western part of the Futakamiyama-jo (Futakamiyama castle).

Similarly, the western part of the Futakamiyama-jo. You can see Hiroshima University on the left side.

The eastern part of the Futakamiyama-jo. It looks like rain...

Thunder rumbling after taken this photo.

On the pass, I found acorns eaten by small animals. I will get my modern reference starch collection.

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