12 July, 2010

Hemp cultivation in Tochigi

On 10th and 11th, the second meeting of the collaborative research for approaching to plant utilization in the Jomon period was conducted. We saw Yashu asa (Yashu hemp) cultivated in Kanuma-shi, Tochigi Prefecture on 10th, and on the next day 11th, we discussed plant utilization in the Jomon period at the meeting in the Tochigi Prefectural Museum.

It was not until I saw the hemp field that I knew hemp plants grow around 2m in height.

Hemp field (left) and their leaves(right)

Fibre of hemp (left) and drying after asa-hiki (harvesting hemp, right)


Drying ogara (hemp stems, left) and ogara used for kaya-buki-yane (thatched roof, right) 


My museum (JAPANESE) will conduct "Satoyama Exhibition (
exhibition about the local terrestrial environment that is managed and used by village people, to be confirmed)", and now I discuss about the materials together with my colleagues. So this tour in Tochigi can be helpful for our exhibition.

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