19 August, 2010

Starch residue analysis of Jomon pottery: Shimoyakebe site

Now, I'm staying in Higashi-murayama city in Tokyo.

This time, I aim to take samples for starch residue analysis as my work of
the collaborative research for approaching to plant utilization in the Jomon period conducted at National Museum of Japanese History.

I'm taking samples at the Hachikokuyama Taiken no Sato (JAPANESE). These pot residues of Late and Final Jomon were excavated from the Shimoyakebe site (JAPANESE) in Higashi-murayama city in Tokyo. The following photos show my today's works.

Taking pot residue samples is similar to the sampling from stone artefacts.

(1) Preparation for taking samples

(2) Observing pottery and checking sampling spots, and loading the distilled water

(3) Taking and pouring the sample liquid into a tube

Today I took samples from 7 pot shards. I will continue to take samples tomorrow. How many starch grains can I extract from these pot residues?

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