24 February, 2011

4 papers

The following papers were found at the database of electric journals.

Starch residue analysis
  • Gong, Y., Yang, Y., Ferguson, D. K., Tao, D., Li, W., Wang, C., Lü, E. & Jiang, H. 2011. Investigation of ancient noodles, cakes, and millet at the Subeixi Site, Xinjiang, China. Journal of Archaeological Science 38: 470-479.
  • Langejans, G. H. J. 2010. Discerning use-related micro-residues on tools: Testing the multi-stranded approach for archaeological studies. Journal of Archaeological Science 38: 985-1000.
Hunter-gatherers' economy
  • Holst, D. 2010. Hazelnut economy of early Holocene hunter-gatherers: a case study from Mesolithic Duvensee, northern Germany. Journal of Archaeological Science 37: 2871-2880.
Temper for making pottery
  • Tomber, R., Cartwright, C. & Gupta, S. 2011. Rice temper: technological solutions and source identification in the Indian Ocean. Journal of Archaeological Science 38: 360-366.

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