05 March, 2011

New case study of starch residues

It is a new report of starch granules extracted from stone artefacts of the Late Palaeolithic site.

  • Ayako Shibutani. 2011. Tobitakyu-kita iseki kara syutsudo shita sekki no zanzon denpun-ryu bunseki (Starch residue analysis of stone artefacts excavated from the Tobitakyu-kita site). Chofu-shi Tobitakyu-kita site dai 9 chiten (The number 9 area at the Tobitakyu-kita site, Chofu, Tokyo). IN: T. Hidai, S. Tanaka, S. Sugihara, A. Shibutani, T. Kamijo, and T. Takegasa, eds. The excavation report Vol. 250 of Tokyo Prefectural Archaeological Center. 192-203. Tokyo Prefectural Archaeological Center, Tama, Tokyo. (JAPANESE)

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