23 May, 2011

Chinese papers

The following papers given recently shows research results in China. I have not finished them yet because they are written in Chinese. 1 approaches to starch residues on stone artefacts, and 2 shows cooking experiments of modern starch granules. They have English abstracts.
  1. 陶大卫, 杨益民, 黄卫东, 吴妍, 吴耀利, 王昌燧. 2009. 雕龙碑遗址出土器物残留淀粉粒分析. 考古与科技 第9期: 92-96.
  2. 葛威, 刘莉, 陈星灿, 金正耀. 2010. 食物加工过程中淀粉粒损伤的实验研究及在考古学中的应用. 考古与科技 第7期: 77-86.

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