27 June, 2011

Continuous presentations

In the latter half of last week, I presented 3 presentations at the congress and research meeting continuously.

The annual meeting of Museoacademiae (JAPANESE)
Date: June 23 (Thu.)- June 24 (Fri.)
Place: Nagoya University

  1. University museum and regional contribution: focusing on the two cases of Hiroshima University Museum (○Hidenori Okahashi, Norio Shimizu, Ayako Shibutani, Chika Hashimoto, oral, JAPANESE)
  2. Natural resources on the university campus for working ecomuseum: the case of the 4th special exhibition "Satoyama no megumi: Seibutsu tayosei wo hagukumu sekai (Gifts of Satoyama: the world progressing biodiversity)" (○Norio Shimizu, Ayako Shibutani, Chika Hashimoto, Hidenori Okahashi, poster, JAPANESE)

Millet Society of Japan
Date: June 26 (Sun.)
Place: Osaka Gakuin University
Presentation: Recent results of starch residue analyses and further research questions

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