28 August, 2011

Starch papers

Very recently, I got the following papers on starch granules. I've seen pumpkin starch for the first time.

  • Fujita, S., Sugimoto, Y., and Fuwa, H. 1983. Some characteristics of air-classified potato starch-granules and their effects on digestive functions of rats. Journal of Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Sciences 67: 87-93.
  • Iwasaki, Y., Matsuda, T., and Nitta, Y. 2001.Decomposition of starch grain observed in the developing wheat grain. Japanese Journal of Crop Science 70 (2): 233-234.
  • Nara, S., Sakakura, M., and Komiya, T. 1983. On the acid resistance of starch granules. The Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Mie University 67: 87-93.
  • Shimada, Y., and Nebashi, H. 1980. Histochemical variations of maidenhair nut during cookings (Part 1.) : Influences of depeeling methods on tissues, especially, on starch granules and protein bodies. Journal of cookery science of Japan 13 (4): 54-61.
  • Sugimoto, Y., Nishihara, K., and Fuwa, H. 1984. Some properties of starches of lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.) and arrowhead (Segittaria turifolia L.). Journal of Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Sciences 37 (5): 465-473.
  • Yoshida, M. 1989. Some observations on the structure and starch granules of Squach (var. Ebisu). Research Bulletin of the University Farm Hokkaido University 26: 17-30.

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