20 December, 2011

Starch granules into archaeological sediments

The following papers are written by Horrocks and others.
  • Horrocks, M., S. Bedford. 2010. Introduced Dioscorea Spp. Starch in Lapita and Later Deposits, Vao Island, Vanuatu. New Zealand Journal of Botany 48 (3-4): 179-183.
  • Horrocks, M., I.W.G. Smith, R. Walter, S.L. Nichol. 2011. Stratigraphic and Plant Microfossil Investigation at Cook's Cove, North Island, New Zealand: Reinterpretation of Holocene Deposits and Evidence of Polynesian-Introduced Crops. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 41 (3): 237-258.

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