22 August, 2012

13th International Palynological Congress, 9th International Organisation of Palaeobotany Conference, 2012, Tokyo, Japan

Symposium open to the public "Recent progress of paleoethnobotanical studies on origins of agriculture in East Asia"

Date & Time: August 25 (Sat) 14:30-17:40
Venue: Room 5534, the Korakuen Campus of Chuo University
Admission free, in Japanese
  • Origin and dispersal of rice and millet cultivation in China (Hiroo Nasu, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
  • Prehistoric management of indigenous plant resources and emergence of rice agriculture in prehistoric Korea (Gyoung-Ah Lee, University of Oregon, USA)
  • Maize weevils in Jomon did not infest rice -when was rice introduced into Japan?- (Hiroki Obata, Kumamoto University)
  •  Legume domestication in prehistoric Japan (Yuka Sasaki, Paleo Labo Co., Ltd.)
  •  Beginning of food production on the Islands of Okinawa (Hiroto Takamiya, Sapporo University)
  • The dynamics of agriculture in the Far East of Russia according to archeobotanical data (Hiroki Obata, Kumamoto University)

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