30 September, 2012

Event information 2: Basketry Symposium and Higasi-myo site

Symposium about Basketry in the Jomon period
"Current approaches to basketry in the Jomon period: focusing on locality conditions and materials"

Date: October 13 (Sat), 2012, 13:00-17:40

         October14 (Sun), 2012,  09:30-11:40

Venue: Saga Prefectural Art Museum (JAPANESE) 
Admission free 
*Handouts and joining in a workshop are subject to fees (at cost) 
Higashi-myo Site Symposium 2012
"Exploring the origins of plant utilization: remains in the wetland site" 

Date: October14 (Sun), 2012,  13:00-17:00
Venue: Saga Prefectural Art Museum (JAPANESE) 

Admission free

* The Higashi-myo site is located in Saga city. This archaeological site was occupied 7,000 years ago (Early Jomon period), and one of the earliest wetland shell middens in Japan.

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