28 October, 2012

Lecture → meeting → exhibition

October 26 (Fri)
Public Lecture by Minpaku (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka)
"That's why human traveled on the earth: to the Pacific Ocean, to America"

Why humans conducted their great journey? This lecture was based upon the current archaeological results in Oceania and America to explore this question.

Lecturers presented not only "The great journey was caused by some purposes" but also "An unintended movements lead to the great journey", and then, humans faced with new situations and developed their cultural abilities. This topic was very interesting for me.

October 27 (Sat)
228th Oumi Kaidzuka Kenkyukai "Exploring the past by microscopy"
Report 1 Aya Manabe (Kagoshima University)
Report 2 Jun-ichi Kawamoto (Osaka Center for Cultural Heritage)

October 28 (Sun)

MIHO Museum Autumn Special Exhibition "Dogu, a Cosmos"

This special exhibition shows many artefacts, which we cannot see in usual exhibitions. I felt overwhelmed by the Power of Jomon people.

The details are here.

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