14 October, 2012

Surveys in northeast Japan: October 9-12

We conducted the initial surveys in Akita Prefecture and Aomori Prefecture for our cooperative study.

   October   9 (Tue): Akita Prefectural Archaeological Center
   October 10 (Wed): Kita-akita City Education Board
   October 11 (Thu): Aomori Prefectural Archaeological Artifacts Research Center
   October 12 (Fri): Aomori Prefectural Museum, Sannai-maruyama site

* All of the above links are just only in JAPANESE excluding the Sannai-maruyama site.

Aims to survey Jomon sites in Akita Prefecture
  • To examine the sites in the Late to Final Jomon periods
  • To compare the differences between settlement sites and ritual sites
Aims to survey Jomon sites in Aomori Prefecture
  • To examine the sites in the Middle Jomon period
  • To analyse both of stone tools and potteries
After taking the initial samples for my starch residue analysis, we will choose our survey sites and start actual studies from next year.

Isedotai site in Akita Prefecture

Sannai-maruyama site in Aomori Prefecture

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