27 November, 2012

27th Meeting of Japanese Association of Historical Botany and excursion

On November 22 (Thur), I took samples from pottery residues at the Imaizumi Museum (URL: JAPANESE), and from 23 (Fri) to 25 (Sun), I joined in the 27th Meeting of Japanese Association of Historical Botany (URL: JAPANESE) and its excursion.

At the conference, I presented 2 results of my own research and our cooperative study.
  • Ayako Shibutani. Morphological features of starch granules from modern bulbs and tubers: focusing on identification of archaeological starch granules.
  • Nobuhiko Kamijo, Ayako Shibutani, and Naoto Yamamoto. Starch residues on stone tools and potteries at the Late and Final Jomon sites in Hokuriku district.

About the excursion, we went to the Niigata University Forest in Sado, and studied biota in Sado focusing on Japanese cedars more than 500-years-age of stand.




Japanese cedar
Cryptomeria japonica 

Attendants looked at huge Japanese cedars and various plants in Sado island, and so we were very satisfied with this excursion. The details of this excursion will be reported on the next volume of Journal of Japanese Association of Historical Botany.

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