13 November, 2012

References for building reference collection

For my reference collection, I've got the following papers.
  • Fujimoto, S., Kuroki, C., Suganuma, T., and Nagahama, T. 1986. Starches from Inu-mugi  (Bromus catharticus), Kamoji-gusa (Agropyron tsukushiense var. transiens) and Ma-karasu-mugi (Avena sativa) . Journal of the Japanese Society of Starch Science 33 (4): 253-257.
  • Muramoto, Y., Ohtani, K., Inamura, M., Sugimoto, Y., Iwaki, K., Aiba, T., Tomita, K., and Matsui, M. 2010. Trace Nutrients Research 27: 1-6.
Today I looked at my samples from Nira (Allium tuberosum Rottler ex Spreng.) and Aokamojigusa (Elymus racemifer (Steud.) Tsvel.) . As the result, I cannot see any starch granules from both of these plants. I'm making another reference from the latter plant speices.

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