06 November, 2012

Various papers

I've got the following papers just today. Among them, No. 4 presents the results of residue analysis of vessels found from Hungary, and it shows starch granules extracted from these residues.
  1. Asmussen, B., P. McInnes. 2013. Assessing the impact of mid-to-late Holocene ENSO-driven climate change on toxic Macrozamia seed use: a 5000 year record from eastern Australia. Journal of Archaeological Science 40: 471-480. Ellwood, E.C., M.P. Scott, W.D. Lipe, R.G. Matson, J.G. Jones. 2013. Stone-boiling maize with limestone: experimental results and implications for nutrition among SE Utah preceramic groups. Journal of Archaeological Science 40: 35-44. 
  2. Hu, L., Z. Chao, M. Gu, F. Li, L. Chen, B. Liu, X. Li, Z. Huang, Y. Li, B. Xing, J. Dai. 2013. Evidence for a Neolithic Age fire-irrigation paddy cultivation system in the lower Yangtze River Delta, China. Journal of Archaeological Science 40: 72-78.
  3. Kim, M. 2013. Wheat in ancient Korea: a size comparison of carbonized kernels. Journal of Archaeological Science 40: 517-525.
  4. Pető, Á., F. Gyulai, D. Pópity, Á. Kenéz. 2013. Macro- and micro-archaeobotanical study of a vessel content from a Late Neolithic structured deposition from southeastern Hungary. Journal of Archaeological Science 40: 58-71.

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