03 December, 2012

archaeological starch of maize

The following papers show archaeological starch granules of maize.
  1. Ellwood, E. C., Scott, M. P., Lipe, W. D., Matson, R. G., and J.G. Jones. 2013. Stone-boiling maize with limestone: experimental results and implications for nutrition among SE Utah preceramic groups. Journal of Archaeological Science 40: 35-44.
  2. Musaubacha, M. G., Plos, A., and M. D. P. Babot. 2013. Differentiation of archaeological maize (Zea mays L.) from native wild grasses based on starch grain morphology. Cases from the Central Pampas of Argentina. Journal of Archaeological Science 40: 1186-1193.
  3. Simms, S. R., Berna, F., and G. J. Bey III. 2013. A prehispanic Maya pit oven? Microanalysis offired clay balls from the Puuc region, Yucatán, Mexico. Journal of Archaeological Science 40: 1144-1157.

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