16 January, 2013

Results of a residue analysis on stone tools excavated 40 years ago

Just yesterday, my microscopic observation of residue samples taken from stone tools of the Nakabyo site in the end of last year.

As the result, these samples do not contain any starch granules. But the results of this survey show the following good view points.

(1) Difficult to survey archaeological materials excavated 40 years ago
(2) Very low effective for starch residue analyses

These 2 points are related to the research problems: how to detect the loss of residues on archaeological materials during storage periods, and how to avoid contaminated problems. In order to progress starch residue analyses from now, how can we select sampled materials? This survey provides one new research information to me.

This result will be published into "the 6th archaeological survey of the Nakabyo site" in near future.

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