04 March, 2013

New research vision

On March 2nd (Sat) and 3rd (Sun), I joined in the international symposium "Rice cultivation thus began!: focusing on the relationships between fishery and human" held in the Okayama University of Science.

I'm very interested in the origin of rice cultivation because my research focuses on plant utilization before rice cultivation. In this symposium, it was very exciting for me to show methodology "to explore the origin of rice cultivation and fish catching in collaboration with the research results in ichthyology, archaeology, and zooarchaeology" and all of presentations about recent research results in Chinese archaeology.

I would like to say one of my opinions. If any researchers of archaeobotany and botanical archaeology can join in this research project, more exciting research visions would be shown. 

The tendency to think this way might be due to my style studying archaeobotany, and I have many opportunities to discuss about plant domestication with researchers of archaeobotany, botanical archaeology, and ethno- and palaeobotany. There must be almost none to interpret this research topic from view points of "fish" "fish catching" "zooarchaeology".

I think I will use this new research vision provided by this symposium to my future research activities.

These photos show milling stones at the entrance of the building held this symposium. Where were they transferred? What kind of materials were processed by them in the past? I'm just a little bit interested in their history.

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