31 March, 2013

Short excursion and lecture

On March 29th (Fri), we went to see Minami-kounuma site in Saitama Prefecture, Saitama City Museum, Kirigaoka site in Tokyo, and Kita City Asukayama Museum.
As to the Minami-kounuma site (URL: JAPANESE only), we observed excavated artefacts.

This site is a wetland site, and so many wooden materials and lacquer wares were well preserved. Also walnuts, horse chestnuts, and carbonised bulb remains with pottery were found as well.


The Kirigaoka site (URL: JAPANESE only) is now excavated, and many house remains and artefacts belonging to the Palaeolithic period to 8-9 centuries were found from this site.

It was the best result for me that I was able to look at stratigraphic profiles in the Kanto plain directly. I realised the differences between soil layers in the Kanto plain and those in Kansai area.

On March 30th (Sat), I attended to the public lecture held in the Kokugakuin University. 

Together with recent research results, we heard an ethnoarchaeological study of pottery in Ethiopia, the relationships between pottery cooking the ritual food and wooden materials in Papua New Guinea, and the possibility of ritual food in the Jomon and Yayoi periods focusing on animal bones.

Due to the time requirement, there was no discussion time, but attendees seemed to listen hard to the lecture.

We had the lecture about Ethiopia, and so after this lecture, we ate wat (looking like curry) and injera (teff pancake) at the Ethiopian food restaurant in Nakameguro. Injera tasted sour, but it was good with wat containing lots of spices and condiment.

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