09 April, 2013

Some photos in SAA

Flower which I often saw near the center

Our session which I reported my research

My presentation
With Dr. Richard Fullagar and others

In Honolulu, we enjoyed various food cultures such as Hawaiian local foods, Japanese food, Chinese food, and Thai food, and more.

Chinese cuisine in the evening on 4th

Duck meat sandwich (left) and kalua pork manapua (right, steamed meat bun in the style of Hawaii) for my lunch on 5th. The ban's dough contained taro paste, and its colour was bluish-purple. Its center included fried pork and cabbage.

Hawaiian Plate at Like Like Drive Inn in the evening of 6th. This photo shows hot salada (left), roast pork, Mahi Mahi (steamed fish and pork with taro leaves), barbecue roast beef, and brown rice. Adding to these, I had Italian salada, and a small dessert (sherbets or ice creams). All of them are just for a person, but they are too much plenty for me. As well as me, some Japanese members couldn't finish everything on their plates.

I ordered a cup of coffee as well, and in Hawaii, food serves pour coffee full at various times with their services. At this dinner, when my cup got empty, new coffee was poured soon. 

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