14 May, 2013

Papers provided

These papers were provided at the end of last week. Thank you.
  1. Makibayashi, K. 2013. Rice Framing and Regional Societies in Prehistoric China -The Formation and Diffusion of Cultivation System - (栽培体系の形成と伝播・拡散から見た先史中国の稲作と地域社会). Bulletin of International Center for Folk Culture Studies 3: Comparative cultural history from folk and material cultures in East Asia (The International Center for Folk Culture Studies, Kanagawa University, ed.). 17-29. The International Center for Folk Culture Studies, Kanagawa University, Yokohama. (in Japanese)
  2. Makibayashi, K. 2013. Study on multifactorial formation of rice farming societies in prehistoric China: focusing on the surveys of agricultural tool collections in museums and archaeological research institutes (中国先史・古代における稲作社会の多元的形成の研究―主に博物館・文物考古研究所所蔵の農耕関連遺物調査報告―). Cultural Resource Studies, Kanazawa University 12: 197-203. (in Japanese)
1 shows his research results of the formation and diffusion of rice cultivation system in prehistoric China, and 2 reports his recent archaeological surveys in China. Both of them present the methodology for interpreting the relationship about "tool - food - human society", and especially 2 shows "dilemma", which we face with the difficulties of conducting any archaeological surveys outside Japan.

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