21 September, 2013

4th day of my Turkish survey (last day)

As well as my yesterday's work, I took residue samples from stone querns stored in a working place.

Quern found from this year's excavation
Querns found until the last year

Until today's survey, the total number of my sampled stone querns are counted at 18 stones including natural stones. These materials are mainly limestones, and a small number of them are sandstones. Based on my observation during taking samples, these stone tools seem to cause no contaminated problems.  But 3 stone querns, which were excavated in this year, soil deposits were taken for comparing with residues on stone querns.

Can I extract starch granules from these samples? In other words, can I find any evidences showing functions of so many stone querns excavated from the Hasankeyf Hoyuk site? This is one of my research questions when I looked at these samples.

I will leave Turkey tomorrow, and come back to Japan on 23rd (Mon).

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