16 September, 2013

Jomon studies around the world

On September 14 (Sat), my research fellows and I conducted an unofficial discussion meeting on "How can our Jomon studies go toward the world history?". This meeting aimed to focus on Jomon studies into the world history in order to discuss about the main theme "Looking at Japanese archaeology in the world on the whole" at the annual meeting of Society of Archaeological Studies in next April, 2014.

During our meeting, we mainly discussed about how to measure Japanese archaeology to the world in relative ways, how to promote internationalization of Japanese archaeology, and how to outgo Japanese archaeology toward world history. Focusing on the biggest selling point of Japanese archaeology and a position of Jomon cultures into the world history, we talked about our opinions and proposals for about 5 hours.

Our results of this meeting will be reported at the 20th anniversary meeting of the Oumi Kaidzuka Kenkyukai (October 26, 2013), and will be submitted to "Quarterly of Archaeological Studies" as a short prospect.

I hope our proposals and this discussion will become a good questioning to Japanese archaeologists in Japan.

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