08 December, 2013

Exploring cultural exchanges

On December 7th (Sat), I went to join in the Ishibashi Foundation Lecture Series "Euro-Japanese Exchange in the World of Creative Expression".

Professor Paul Greenhalgh focused on "Japonism" during 1890's when art nouveau became very popular in Europe during 1890's and international cultural exchanges, in particular with "Modernism" during the Osaka World Expo 1970. He compared their similarities and differences in aspects of public and private details.

There are so many preliminary studies about Japonism in 1890's and Modernism, but Prof. Greenhalgh's lecture was a novel approach. He showed various examples of arts in the motif of Japan images.

Professor Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere focused on designs of ceramics and porcelains in terms of museology for examining cultural exchanges between Japan and foreign countries.

She mainly talked about exhibitions about Japanese cultures in the Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries as well as the British Museum. Also she showed some exhibitions receiving remarkable attentions from people in UK, taking ceramics and porcelains made in Japan, China, and Asian countries for examples.

After two lectures, panel discussions were conducted. Various questions and comments were presented by the attendees, especially architecture specialists and people holding important intangible cultural heritage (human national treasure).

This lecture presented a new aspect of cultures, exchanges, and techniques in Japan and Europe. It was very helpful for me working at a national museum. This kind of lecture series will be conducted next year as well.

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