01 April, 2014

Paper and others

  1. Seguchi, S., Hosoya, A., Nakamura, O., Shibutani, A. (Coordinator: Ishimura, T.) 2014. Round-table talk on internationalization of Japanese archaeology: Why internationalize? How internationalize? Quaternary of Archaeological Studies 60 (4): 6-10.
  2. Endo, E. 2014. Interpreting seed impressions on pottery. Quartenary of Archaeological Studies 60 (4): 62-72.
1 presents our opinions about internationalization of Japanese archaeology toward the 60th general meeting and annual congress, Society of Archaeological Studies, and 2 shows the research results of impressions on pottery.

  • Shibutani, A. 2014. Renovation project of the permanent exhibition Gallery One (Prehistoric and Early Japan) of the National Museum of Japanese History: FY 2012 activity report. Bulletin of the National Museum of Japanese History 186: 277-293.
This is a report of my museum work.

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