03 May, 2014

Visualising words

Just today I went to the Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art. I wanted to see "Words from the Collection" there.


This photo was taken in front of the art museum.They were just looking at a small kid. The kid and they were singing in a loud voice.

The exhibition "Words from the Collection" focuses on words to connect the viewer to a work of art. The most interesting parts of this exhibition for me were the corners of "Words within Images" and "Alice in Museumland". I got that impression from words of the collection can be seen.

After leaving the museum, I saw Rhododendron obtusum. The carpet of flowers was too much beautiful. 


Flowering seasons of Wisteria floribunda came to an end nearly.


There were some food stands on the nature trail, and I took a lunch. I had Taco-Rice using brown rice and organic vegetables and red perilla juice. 



I bought an uncommon good at another shop. A pickled Matteuccia struthiopteris.

The museum and nature trail showed lots of impressive places, and I enjoyed the season of new green leaves today.

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