15 June, 2014

SEAA6: report 3 (photos)

June 7 (Sat)
In the afternoon, I walked around the city centre in Ulaanbaatar with my friends from the UK.

National University of Mongolia


View from the top of the hill
Vehicle restriction for the city marathon
There were the huge number of pigeons around the Gandantegchinlen Monastery. It looked like Hitchcock's "The Birds". 

The Gandantegchinlen Monastery
Sükhbaatar Square

After walking and shopping, I had a supper with these friends at the local restaurant. We could not read Mongolian menu, and so I don't know about these names.

June 8 (Sun)

We had many choices in a buffet lunch between 7th and 8th.


After our lunch, we went to see the National Museum of Mongolia as our excursion. I was very interested in these grinding stone tools.

I went to take a dinner with my friends from the UK and a Japanese fellow at another restaurant on 8th. We talked about recent archaeobotanical results initially at least, but we had girls' talk soon.

June 9 (Mon)

We had lunch boxes between 9th and 10th. For me, it looked like a kind of British style because there were sandwich, meat dish, and a small cake with rice rolled in a sheet of dried laver.

On 9th, many presentations by Japanese researchers finished. And so we had a small party with them at the Mongolian barbecue restaurant.

June 10 (Tue)


Again, we had lunch boxes on 10th. We had just only 3 choices: pork, mutton, and fried fish.

I presented my initial results in our project. After my session (No. 22), a researcher suggested that I need to detect tool functions from starch granules. Because my starch results show the final use of a stone tool, it is necessary to determine more about functions. It was a good advice for me.

After all of sessions completed, we had a farewell reception in the Ulaanbaatar Hotel.

My first visit to Mongolia was a good opportunity to get many ideas and to renew my friendship with archaeobotanists outside Japan.

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