21 June, 2014

The initial report about my survey in Turkey

Yesterday, I presented "Starch residue analysis of archaeological ground stones" as my initial report at the Research Center for West Asian Civilization in the University of Tsukuba

In last September, 2013, I conducted starch residue analysis of ground stones found from the Hasankeyf Höyük site in Turkey, and I reported my initial results. My surveys were as the following.

Compared with case studies of ground stones in the Jomon period, Japan, the number of starch granules is fewer, but I have to examine various things in terms of sampling methods including contaminated problems and candidate plan species of starch granules in further works. Based on these results, I will join in the forthcoming survey this year as well.

What were many stone mortars and pestles found from the site used for? From starch residue works, I would get any evidences.

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