11 July, 2014

JSSSCP Congress in Nara

On July 5th and 6th, I joined in the 31st JSSSCP Congress in Nara (URL: just only in Japanese).

My co-researcher presented our initial results about the Kamuitapukopushita site in Hokkaido. Very recently, I found a starch granule from the sediment sample of a crop remain on furrows, and so he showed about it as one of our results. 

  • Yuji Soeda, Nobuhiro Kanno, Tomoya Aono, Yukihito Nagaya, Tomohiro MitaniKentaro Nakamura, Atsushi Kawahata, Hisako Uenaka, Tsuzumi Miyaji, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Ayako Shibutani, Motoshige Date. 2014. Paleoenvironment of Ainu Era II - Preliminary survey report at the Kamuitapukopushita site of Usu in Date City, Hokkaido-.

In this conference, 3 papers (1 oral presentation and 2 posters) presented starch results. Usually just only my fellow researchers and I talked about starch residue analyses at any conferences held in Japan, but this time, other presentations were conducted. Archaeological starch studies in Japan seem to progress gradually.

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