09 September, 2014

3rd day in the Hasankeyf Höyük

On my 3rd day (9th) in the Hasankeyf Höyük, I went to collect modern reference plant samples for comparing with archaeological starch granules found from stone tools of the Hasankeyf Höyük together with Dr. Ken'ichi Tanno, who is an archaeobotanist and specialising in macroscopic plants in Western Asia. 

A view from the site. We climbed up that hill over there.

A view from the hill. We can see the overview of the site at the centre.


When we went up the hill, there was a great expansion of a wadi. An usual wadi does not contain water, but this wadi has a small stream. We was able to see many various plants used for my reference samples.


After coming back to our guest house, I went to see a local weekly market. I bought some seeds and fruits.

Now I've got modern reference plants here. Some of them will be ground for my experiments using experimental ground stone tools tomorrow.

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