07 September, 2014

Survey in the Hasankeyf Höyük 2014: 1st day

Again, I'm joining in an excavation at the Hasankeyf Höyük site in Turkey now. I left Japan on 5th, and came here on 6th. My survey just started on 7th. As well as last year, I'm analysing residue samples from grinding stone tools. This time, I can conduct various sampling methods.

  1. Before unearthed and washed with water: I'm taking samples from stone tools before unearthed, and again taking samples after washed shortly. After they are unearthed, I'm taking soil samples beneath them as well.
  2. After unearthed, before washed, and on-site stored: These stone tools are kept on-site after unearthed. I'm examining starch extraction of them with 1.
  3. After unearthed, before washed, and stored with soils in our guesthouse: These stone tools were covered with  a bag after unearthed, and kept in our guesthouse. I'm examining starch extraction of them with 1 and 2.
In Japan, starch residue analysis as a part of any excavations are not either planed, or taken samples on-site. But in this site, I'm able to manage various sampling tests here. Tomorrow I'm continuing my works as well.

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