26 October, 2014

Diversity and gender

These 2 days, I took nice lectures in the Tokyo National Museum.

On 25th (Sat), I attended the 2nd Ishibashi Foundation Lecture Series
"British-Japanese Archaeological Exchanges from the 19 Century to Today"

These lectures and discussions provided me lots of research information, and I was so stimulated with these lecturers' passions. Also I'm starting in a new cooperative research project with UK researchers from next year.

On 26th (Sun), I joined in a seminar on Cultural Resource Studies, Center for Cultural Resource Studies, Kanazawa University Archaeology and Contemporary Society 4 "Diversity, Sustainability, and Archaeology".   

After lectures, we had very good discussions in terms of diversity, modern society and archaeology, and gender. I realised our future museum exhibitions need  to show diverse aspects of archaeological studies collaborated with our modern societies.

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