16 February, 2015

2nd meeting of the Funkawan Jomon Project

On February 14th (Sat), the 2nd meeting of "Initial Research Project about Jomon cultures around the coast of Funkawan (Volcano Bay) in Hokkaido" (Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), Project no. 26284125) was held in the Date City Institute of Funkawan Culture.

In this meeting, survey results of the Wakkaoi Shell Mound in the last summer were reported. Research results about Jomon pottery and zooarchaeological remains were presented, and based on them, we discussed about research plans and methods in 2015's. 

At the party after our meeting, we enjoyed many winter dishes in Hokkaido.

We will conduct a survey of the Wakkaoi Shell Mound as well. Until starting it, we need to finish the initial starch residue analysis of stone tools.

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