21 April, 2015

Multidisciplinary approaches

On April 18th (Sat) and 19th (Sun), I joined in the 61th Annual Meeting of Society of Archaeological Studies (URL: just only in Japanese). This meeting focused on "Multidisciplinary approaches and archaeological studies", and a lecture and reports presented the following topics: environmental transitions and archaeological studies, a new scientific analysis, human activities, archaeological sites containing rice paddy remains, a study about the Kofun period, and history of disasters.

These presentations were actually interesting, but I was just a little bit unhappy with them. All of them mainly showed "Multidisciplinary approaches in archaeological studies are (or
equal according to) collaborations between archaeological studies and scientific analyses".

In my opinion, cross-disciplinary approaches are not only a binomial relation between archaeology and scientific studies, but these approaches examin one research aim (or a research topic) using the scope of various approaches. Reviewing my studies, I had thought-provoking days.

Also, we presented a poster containing the interview results about "Internationalizations in archaeology" of
society members, which this interview were conducted at the last meeting.

The last meeting focused on "internationalizations", and so I was interested in any results shown in other meetings and other societies.

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